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no ‘poo day 6

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on May 10, 2009

so.  today is sunday, mother’s day, my first day off since tuesday, and day 6 of not using shampoo in my hair.  my plan of slowly increasing the days between washing so far hasn’t panned out, because so far when i wake up on the second day after washing my hair is really, really disgusting.  even on the first day, my bangs have been greasy enough to necessitate my pinning them back away from my face.  BUT i’m making progress!  i didn’t wash it today, and i’m actually able to wear my bangs down.  i’m sure it won’t last all day; i have bobby pins in my pocket because  in a few hours i’ll look like a thirteen-year-old.  here’s what it looks like right now:

Photo 26

that pink blob is actually a barrette with a flower on it.  i’m not usually a hair accessory kind of person, but they were cheap so i thought i’d give them a shot.  

so, today we’re heading out to west portal to see star trek.  i know absolutely nothing about star trek, but i’ve heard it’s really, really good.  tomorrow i have my orientation for school in the fall, but before that i’m going to try to hang out with bille, a really, really cool girl from work.  that’s it.

p.s. the rockets are ruling right now. yo face, lakers.


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