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strep throat aaahhhh

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on May 12, 2009

oh hey, hi, hello.

i think i’m sick.  more specifically, i think i have strep throat.  

yesterday my throat started feeling pretty sore.  then beyond sore to incredibly painful.  and then it started extending into my ears, and then my neck started getting really sore right below my ears.  i had lunch with bille from work (delightful!  more on that later), and was feeling pretty crappy by the end of it, but i had to hop on the M and get down to the university for my orientation.  the orientation was long, remarkably boring and painfully uninformative.  it was 2 hours long, and the need-to-know information could have been communicated in about 15 minutes.  around the start of hour 2, i started feeling a little feverish.  freezing cold, goose-bumps on my legs, chills, blahblahblah.  i stuck it out, and by the time i got home all i wanted to do was get in a bathtub.  after a couple hours of feeling really, really awful, i took some tylenol and felt a lot better.  no more fever, throat pain manageable.  now i feel ok…not 100%, but ok.  i had an on-call shift from 1-5, then working 5-close, and i tried to call in and tell them that i could do my closing shift but not the on-call, and erin just told me to stay home and rest.  so i’m going to the doctor in a few minutes to have them tell me there’s no way i can have strep because i don’t have white spots or a fever.  a few years ago i felt like this, went to the doc with my only symptom being a really painful throat and a mild fever, and they told me no way was it strep but they’d do a culture to humor me, and four days later it came back positive.  i remember talking to the nurse while i was in target, feeling 100% better, arguing with her about antibiotics.

“you have a positive strep culture, you need antibiotics.”

“i had strep four days ago.  i feel fine now.”

“but you need antibiotics.  i’m calling them in”

“ok.  you can call them in but i don’t think i need to take them…because i’m not sick anymore.”

“you need to take them.”

“ok.  i’m not going to take them.”

i’m not even really sure why i’m going to the doctor now.  if they give me antibiotics i won’t take them.  i guess i’m hoping for some kind of throat analgesic or something.  i slept pretty horribly because i woke up every time i swallowed.  BUT speaking of doctor, i should get dressed so i can catch a bus.


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