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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on May 19, 2009

what a day!  and it’s only 1pm!  

i got up this morning with one goal: get a california driver’s license.  john was responsible and got his like six months ago…i, personally, chose to wait until the absolute latest day possible.  see, if you have a valid license from another state, you can get your ca license just by taking a written driving test.  if you let your old license expire, you have to take a written AND a practical test.  no thank you.  well, my texas license expires on my birthday, june 1, in two weeks.  we will be in texas may 22-31, so i have to get this accomplished before i leave unless i want to have to take a driving test.  then i realized that i have very little opportunity to go this week: today before work, or friday before we get on a plane.  so this morning i got up, got dressed, and hopped on the 43.  then the bus hit a pedestrian.  ok ok, that’s super dramatic sounding because we really just kind of rolled into her and hit her arm a little.  she yelled some expletives at the driver and walked off, even though it was mostly her fault.

so.  she pulls the cord, the bus stops, she gets off through the front door, takes a step or two towards the sidewalk, and stops, fiddling with her ipod.  i think at this point she was standing in a blind spot for the driver, just beyond the corner of the bus.  then, at exactly the same time, the bus starts to roll forward and the girl takes a step across the street, directly in front of the bus, eyes still on her ipod.  she looked up just in time and stopped, and for some reason threw her arm out in front of her, which made a really loud noise on the windshield of the bus.  all of the passengers who could see her collectively gasped and put their hands on their chests, then let out big relieved sighs when she cussed and walked away.  i thought for sure she’d at least broken her wrist, considering the noise it made against the bus, but i assume she was fine.  weird.

then i got to the dmv, and was in the building for about 30 seconds.  i walked up to the paperwork desk, said i needed to apply for a new license, she asked for my birth certificate, and i said, “um.  i’ll have to come back.”  that is pretty sad, isn’t it?  i turn 24 in two weeks and i still don’t have this dmv thing down.  so this means that i MUST get it taken care of on friday morning.  MUST.  so, i’m going to take with me my birth certificate, passport, tx license, and marriage certificate.  is there anything else they could possibly want?  oh, and that means that i should be cleaning the apartment now, before work, because i won’t have a chance to before we leave.  well, i guess i could recruit john to help one evening, but who wants to clean in the evening after work?  good thing i did laundry yesterday.  

ok ok ok.  down to business.

OH one more thing i want to share.  i’ve been no ‘poo-ing for a little while now, and i’m up to two days between washing.  day one is great, normal hair, but day two is a little gross.  i really hate pinning my bangs back, and that’s really the only part that ever gets greasy, so i took a page from my old roommate jenn’s book and bought some baby powder to soak up extra greasiness.  IT’S MAGICAL.  i’m on day two now, bangs down, and i look totally normal.  hurray!!!  oh, i also bought some spray bottles that have ounce markers on them.  i don’t use the spray nozzle,  but it’s really convenient to be able to mix up three cups at once and just use a third of it each time.  i’m really getting the hang of this thing.


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