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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on May 20, 2009

i’m about to get real girly on you.

if i didn’t work at anthropologie, i would probably rarely go shopping.  before these anthro days, i would go shopping maybe once a month and actually buy something every other, only when i had something that needed replacing.  now i can’t go a month without buying something…it’s pretty ridiculous.  this month i bought a dress, because i wanted something to wear to this wedding coming up.  then we had a 75% off special on direct shoes, so i bought some heels for $20 (how could you pass that up?).  then last night someone returned a pair of black boots, originally close to $400, then marked down to $199, then marked down again to $29.95.  they’re a half-size too big, but come on!  you have to buy them, right??  AND every month, we have a few items that we get for 60% off instead of 40%.  mostly it’s pretty crappy, stuff i don’t really like anyway, but this month there is a pair of joe’s jeans on there.  they would come out to around $60, and they’re super cute.  i wanted to buy them, but then was off the hook when we sold out of my size before i could get my hands on them.  WELL we got a re-ship, and now we have them.  BLAST.  i absolutely cannot buy anything else.  ridiculous.  i’m trying to tell myself they won’t fit, because i recently tried on some other joe’s jeans in a different style and they looked really bizarre on my body.  maybe someone in my family will feel like getting me a really expensive birthday present.  hm.

i have a work story to tell, about how i came to work until midnight on a tuesday.  in general, closes take two hours during the week, 3 hours thursday through sunday.  so, on a tuesday, we should be done by ten.  usually it’s actually 930 or so.  i got to the store at 5 yesterday and the store was PACKED.  very, very odd for a tuesday.  apparently what happened was anthro sent out an email about us having a huge, huge sale.  so every single woman in the city came to pick it apart.  i was scheduled as a size runner, and scott said, “just get as much back out on the floor as possible, there are a ton of go-backs.”  he wasn’t kidding.  our processed racks were full, and there were FIVE racks of unprocessed go-backs.  normal, even on a busy saturday, would be two or three.  so i run as much as i can, but very quickly get pulled off of the floor to ring because the lines were so long.  by the time we shut the doors, we had probably ten racks full of clothes that needed to go out on the floor, and then a massive pile of clothing that accumulated because we had no more racks to put them on.  we closed at 8, and it took three of us an HOUR to kind of organize the racks…not even processing them, just separating full price from sale.  then we all spent another two hours trying to run as many go-backs as possible.  finally, around 11, we started, STARTED closing down the floor.  scott had told us that there was no hope of finishing the go-backs, but we had to close everything down, and that we couldn’t stay later than 11:45.  i closed down my section while a couple other people tried to sort through the pile, which turned out to be another three racks full of clothes.  on a busy saturday, it would be normal for us to leave one rack of go-backs for the morning crew to finish if we didn’t have time.  we left EIGHT.  it was madness.  oh, we also had two customers in the fitting room an hour after we closed.  we rang up the last customer at 9:45…we’d closed at 8.  who does that??  we politely, several times, reminded her that we were closed.  apparently she didn’t care.

anyway, i didn’t go volunteer today because i wanted to sleep, since i got home around 1230.  now i’m off to the dmv again, this time armed with the proper documents.  

see you.


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  1. Judi K said, on May 20, 2009 at 8:54 pm

    Hi there,

    I had a nice visit with my hairdresser this morning who gave me a thumbs up on the no poo regime. She totally agreed with everything and said two other options for your “off” days are corn starch or just plain baking soda.

    Oh, and I once worked retail and know what it’s like to have customers linger after hours. A real pain.

    Love you and hope to see you soon. I’m planning a visit to the woods before Lynn leaves….boo hoo, sob sob. Judi

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