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i never minded standing in the rain

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on May 29, 2009

we’re here, home, or ex-home, or native land, or whathaveyou.  place in which our family resides, where we formerly resided, and where we may very well reside again.  

it has been a most eventful trip so far.  i guess i’ll start at the start.

we flew in, on time this time, and brian picked us up.  we crashed at his parents’ townhouse.  in the morning, i got a text from my mom asking me if i was awake.  i said yes.  she called right after i answered, and i braced myself for bad news.  i assumed, as usual, that grandaddy had had a heart attack, or memaw was in the hospital for something or other.  mom was crying, but forced out that her friend amy was in a motorcycle accident, that she has a severe head injury, and that no, they don’t know if she will be okay.

we all have family friends, don’t we?  our moms all have best friends who are around while we grow up, and who eventually become additional mothers to us, yes?  my mom has four best friends: sally, sherri, amy, and vickie.  my mom’s name is terri, and they are appropriately named the e-team.  they’ve all been around since before i was born, their kids all grew up together.  did you read divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood (i mean read it, not watched sandra bullock act a fool on screen)?  it’s something like that.  family, not friends.  thick as thieves.  it’s a big deal.

so, the story of her falling is pretty short.  she fell.  she wasn’t hit, she didn’t hit anything, she just lost control of her bike.  she was leading her harley group, with her husband riding right behind her, so she got immediate attention.  she was wearing a helmet, and from what i heard she couldn’t have been going over 45 mph.  she has major swelling on the left side of her brain, and several bleeds in the right side and frontal lobe.  she’s in a coma.  she had a drain to remove some of the fluid and control the pressure, and for a while she was teetering on the point of needing to remove a portion of her skull.  yesterday they decided they needed to get to one of the bleeds on her right side (i’m getting this information like fifth-hand, so i don’t know exactly what the surgery was meant to fix), and since they had to remove a portion of her skull anyway, they just left it off.  she is responding to pain stimulation (trying to pull out her intubation tube), but not to command, and her coma is still considered severe.  before the surgery, her intracranial pressure (icp) had gone down to between 8 and 13, down from 18-20 (5 is normal, 20 is the cut-off for needing a craniotomy).  i’m sure it’s back up because of the surgery, but i haven’t heard what it is.  the whole thing is bad.  i’m cautiously optimistic, but.

right, so.  on saturday, the first whole day we were here, we had dinner in town with mary, anne, and ryan, then met my mom, sherri, and sally at spanish flower.  they were leaving the hospital for the night, and had decided that they would need a designated driver.  man, i’ve never had so much fun with a bunch of heartbroken, grieving women.  i don’t know how to tell you how it was.  alternating laughing and crying just about the entire time.  it’s about as emotional an environment as i’ve ever been in.  they’d said that on the car ride home they would huddle together and cry the whole way, but i wasn’t completely down with that idea, and happened to know just the thing to distract them, or my mom, at least.  sing-along.  we sang that david allan coe song that everyone knows, then “church” by lyle lovett, then “me and bobby mcgee,” which i sort of regretted when sally started crying midway through.  i think it kept us all from memory-sharing, which it wasn’t, and isn’t, time for.

in brighter news, sally’s daughter abby had her first baby last night.  i haven’t heard the story yet, but i knew she’d been contracting on and off for a few days.  

also, yesterday i got to watch my 16-month-old nephew while brian and mary moved their stuff into the townhouse.  we had a good time, although today my arms and shoulders are sore, which i wasn’t expecting.  

all in all, we’ve been spending as much time with as many people as possible.  tonight we’re going to a rice baseball game with my dad, and tomorrow is claire’s graduation.  remember when she was a baby?  me too.

there is lots of filling in to do.  i’ll do it later.


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  1. French Friend for Life said, on June 1, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear about your family friend. I’ve mentioned the e-team to my mom several times so i’ll be sure to spread the word that prayers are needed.

    I’m glad you got to be home! And Happy Birthday. I’m putting your gift in the mail today so expect a slightly belated gift from moi.

    Miss you lady! Talk to you soon 🙂

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