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stretch out and wait

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on June 1, 2009

i said i’d fill in.  let’s try.

first off, how about some great news.  AMY IS RESPONDING TO COMMANDS!!!  she’s answering yes/no questions, wiggling toes, giving thumbs up.  really good stuff.  her intracranial pressure is still up, in the low teens.  we all held our breath for a while after we heard that her body wasn’t keeping her blood pressure high enough (never a good thing), but i think she’s now off the meds they were giving her for it.  phew.  let’s all let out a little sigh of relief.

i think i totally failed to mention that my memaw (mom’s mom) has been in the hospital for an entire week.  she had a kidney infection that’s been pretty persistent.  they tried something like four different antibiotics and nothing was really helping, even after doing a culture to identify the exact bacteria.  she continued to get better slowly, whether from the antibiotics or just her own body healing, but then they wanted to keep her because her white count was still really high.  well, shocker, turns out they stopped giving her the prednisone she’s been taking for six months for her lungs.  that might shoot up a person’s white count.  they did another culture and found absolutely no bacteria, but wanted to put her back on the prednisone and make sure that that was the cause of her high white count before they sent her home.  oh, doctors.  anyway, we (mom, claire, me) went in to see her on tuesday while john was at work.  she looked kind of miserable, but okay.  grandaddy was SO excited to see me; he had no idea i was even in town.  i love my grandaddy.

ok ok.  now i can get into actual events of our actual trip.  on sunday we woke up and headed out to austin with brian and mary for the wedding.  the wedding was really, really pretty.  for most of the ceremony i was willing my body not to sweat.  after the sun went down it was really nice outside, though.  i didn’t do much dancing, or drinking, but we had a really awesome time just hanging out with familia.  all of us were pretty exhausted.  on monday the family of the groom was having a brunch out at their lake house.  we were invited originally, but the e-team picnic was supposed to be that day so we’d been planning on skipping it.  then amy had her accident and the picnic was cancelled, then they decided we’d just meet at the hospital instead, then that was cancelled, so we ended up going to the brunch.  man, that house was gorgeous.  after that we went back to houston, and when we got there i found out that there was a mini-picnic going on at my mom’s.  i guess a lot of the e-team kids had taken time off work anyway, so they might as well hang out, right?  not everyone was there, obviously, but it was nice to see the ones who were.  

tuesday, like i said, we went and visited my grandma.  then i think we got pedicures.  what did we do tuesday night?  oh oh yeah, we went to kobe with john’s parents, and claire and mom and tom came as well.  they told them it was my birthday, so i got the whole sword and hat thing.  wednesday mom and claire and i ate at pancho’s (!!!!!), then went to the fabric store, then, because we really had nothing else to do, we gave blood.  claire said she’d been wanting to give, so we all did.  i didn’t get faint or lightheaded, but i sure did feel it.  for the whole rest of the day my heart was racing, i couldn’t catch my breath.  i’m glad i ate a massive amount of greasy mexican food beforehand.  then that night we went and had dinner with my dad and christine and cara at the club house.  by this point john was pretty freaking exhausted, coming home from work and going straight into some kind of family activity.

thuuuursdaaay….was moving day for mary and brian, so i offered to watch dylan.  we had a pretty awesome time.  the move was a success, and we packed up our stuff to go stay at dad’s for the rest of the trip.  on friday i went shopping with christine and cara while john worked from a coffee shop.  friday night we went with dad and christine to a rice baseball game, and saturday was claire’s graduation.  as graduations go, it wasn’t all that bad.  the school board president gave a speech that was wildly inappropriate (criticizing the president/dems and advising kids to go read the bible)–but then, everyone cheered for him A LOT, so appropriate is relative…i guess.  the valedictorian’s speech was AWESOME.  he got a few zings in there on the school administrators and policies.  afterwards we ate, then we drove, then we packed, then we slept, then we said goodbye, then we flew.  

i feel like i just wrote a novel.  time to make coffee and get the day going for real.  i’m working kind of a lot this week, so today is my only day to go to the grocery store.


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