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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on June 25, 2009

gone again!  back again!

sorry for the disappearance.  i forgot how time- and energy-consuming working full-time is!  i’m finishing up my third 35+ hour week, and i am TIRED.  don’t get me wrong, i’m thrilled to me making some bucks, but my entire body has been in a constant state of soreness these past three weeks.  horribly achy feet, sore shoulders/arms, sore legs/calves.  it’s like going on an 8-hour walk every single day.  i go up and down our two flights of stairs several times, and a good portion of the time i’m carrying large amounts of clothing.  so: i’m sore but happy.

john and i are about to head off to san diego for the weekend to celebrate anniversaire numero deux, which is actually tuesday.  we’re both REALLY excited to go someplace new and do nothing (in particular) for a few days.  even tippy is staying behind.  i was a little nervous about leaving her with a dog-sitter, but after meeting the guy i feel fine about it.

other things i’m excited about: DIANA IS COMING!  my good good friend who has been in the peace corps in ecuador for the last two years is coming to visit mid-july.  over labor day weekend i’m going to minneapolis to have a little bridesmaid-weekend with rachel and the rest of the ‘maids, which i am also CRAZYEXCITED about.  school starts in the fall, and i’m less excited about that, but ready for it, i guess.  it hasn’t even started and i’m ready for it to be over…probably not a great sign.  i think i’m just feeling like i’ve finally gotten into a groove with this anthro thing and i have to give it up.  i’ve finally made some pretty good work friends, but none (other than bille) good enough that i’ll really keep up with when i’m not there.  oh well.

lots more stuff has happened that i should probably share, but i’ve got to get going to work.  i should have been cleaning/packing this whole time…oops.


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  1. Judi K said, on June 29, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    Happy Anniversary! Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your wedding. Love your blog and I have missed you. Don’t hurt yourself at Anthro….

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