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numero deux!

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on June 30, 2009

our marriage is officially two years old!  really?  really.  john is at work today (boo), but we spent the weekend in san diego to celebrate.  sooo much fun.  lots of sun, great food, beach, zoo.  pretty much everything we were looking for.  we really only took pictures of animals, and none of ourselves.  we’re really awful about taking pictures on vacation.  i’ll do a zoo post later.

so, i think now can officially begin our apartment search.  i’m now seeing craigslist ads for units that are available august 1st.  we went to see a place in cole valley yesterday – SO TINY.  absolutely no way we could’ve fit in that place, even though it was in a fantastic location.  today i went by myself and looked at a place just a few streets away, even though it’s available now, and i kind of love it.  it’s not perfect, there are definitely some downsides, but that’s exactly what puts it in our price range.  it’s the downstairs of a home, landlords live above.  good things: TWO BEDROOMS, IN-UNIT PRIVATE LAUNDRY (well, in a garage), STORAGE, great neighborhood, two blocks from N and roxie’s, foyer, rent is exactly what we’re paying now, landlord is really sweet, BACKYARD (which means grilling!).  bad things: weird, old kitchen with zero counter space (floors are getting replaced), no dishwasher, no bath tub, might be a little dark…all the blinds were drawn while i was in there though.  i told the landlord that we wouldn’t be able to start a lease until aug 1 at the absolute earliest, and she didn’t seem put off by that.  i bet if i told her we wanted it they’d be willing to work with us.  part of me wants to show it to john, and if he likes it, tell her we want it and pull out our checkbook.  i think it’s definitely a place we could make into a home.  we’ll see.  i, personally, feel like the good things are HUGE and outweigh the bad things by a lot.  we’ll see if my husband feels the same way 🙂

grocery store time!


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  1. French Friend for Life said, on July 1, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Happy Anniversary!!!!! Dale and I still talk about how beautiful and touching your wedding was. So don’t be surprised if our wedding looks just like yours (btw can we find that lady who was an old model to yell at us during the rehearsal, b/c that was awesome. Point those breasts out!).

    Miss you! Can’t wait til’ Labor Day.

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