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“crack a coconut, spear your dinner, and sleep in a cave”

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on July 10, 2009

so, i’ve sort-of been doing this “primal” food thing lately.  and by “doing,” i really just mean being more aware of whether one could grow, hunt, or gather the food that i’m about to eat, and substituting when it’s relatively easy.  for example:  eggs instead of cereal in the morning, nuts instead of granola for mid-morning work food, meat and veggies for dinner instead of pasta.  man, eating protein for breakfast instead of something carb-y makes a HUGE difference in how i feel when i get to work.  if i eat cereal or something like that, by my break i’m starving and shaky and light-headed, but if i eat eggs, my stomach will certainly start growling, but i don’t get ANY of the dizziness.  also, we never have any bowls in our dishwasher (except the ones i use to mix up eggs).  next time i buy eggs i’m going to boil half of them, that way i can have a no-cook protein for breakfasts, because it’s pretty tough to make myself cook in the morning before work.  you know what i wish existed?  little individual cups of unsweetened plain yogurt, instead of the massive tubs that inevitably go bad before i can eat all of it.  anyway, i’m still eating sandwiches and sweet stuff here and there, but all in all it’s been SO easy and i feel good about it.

i was turned onto all of this by a book called real food by nina planck, and then found http://www.marksdailyapple.com which does a really awesome job of explaining why this type of eating is a good idea.

next up:  trying to kick the coffee habit.  EEK.


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