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elbow update

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on July 14, 2009

this is going to be a pretty lame update, because i don’t really know anything new after going to the doctor today.  he didn’t seem to think that the elbow and uveitis were connected, but he wouldn’t say yes or no.  since i don’t remember ever having a rheumatology work-up when i was a kid, he went ahead and ordered a bunch of blood tests to look for antibody markers and stuff like that, plus an x-ray, plus a heavy naproxen prescription to knock out the inflammation.  in two weeks i go back, and if the blood work all comes back negative for something auto-immune and if the naproxen hasn’t all but fixed it, then he’s going to order an MRI.  they took so much blood that my plans for cleaning the apartment and visiting my work-buddy kat (who is stuck at home with stitches after getting hit by a car while riding her bike) aren’t going to happen.  feeling a little (a lot) woozy and exhausted.  i’m mostly just looking at apartments online, which i guess is also productive.

anyway.  more on the elbow in two weeks.


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