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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on August 31, 2009

so many things!  gosh, what do you need to know?

work: i got promoted a few weeks ago, to an SCA (senior customer associate), which is basically a step between regular associates and managers.  i have keys (which makes me feel SUPER important), i get to carry around a clipboard and be zoned as the MOD for certain hours (although right now mostly during the slow, middle of the week days), i get my schedule a month at a time instead of week-to-week, and duh-duh-DUUUHHH i get to conduct new hire interviews!  usually only managers do interviews, but we had like four people put in their 2 weeks and everyone already has maxed out hours, so we desperately needed to hold open interviews.  i was in the office when they were trying to find a place in the schedule where two managers were available, but they couldn’t find one soon enough, so everyone kind of looked over at me.  i’m sure i’ll be at least as nervous as the interviewees, but it should be fun.  someone trusts my judgment!

claire: came into town this weekend!  i had to work all day yesterday, which was her only full day here, but i got to hang out with her on saturday and she and john bummed around town together while i was working.  i guess it hasn’t been that long since i’d seen her, but this was the first time i’ve really been struck by the fact that she’s a grown-up.  i feel like i was a solid wreck of nerves when i started college, and i’d only moved three hours away.  she moved across the country and seems completely unphased.  little sister not so little anymore.

tippy: scared the crap out of us this weekend.  she got into the compost and then had a horrible case of “garbage stomach.”  puking, bloody (like, really bloody) diarrhea…not good.  john took her to the emergency vet on saturday while claire and i went downtown (um, have i mentioned lately that i have the best husband EVER?), and $500 later he gave us a bunch of drugs to for her.  today she seems back to her normal self.  she even had a solid poo!

elbow: is still hurting.  BUT i had an MRI on thursday and should be getting the results back later this week.  the orthopedist seemed pretty certain that i would need some kind of arthroscopic surgery, but i’m holding out hope that it’s something we can fix some other way.  apparently most of the time this kind of persistent swelling is caused by structural damage, and most of the time structural damage needs surgery.  the naproxen helps with the pain and a little bit of the swelling, but it’s like bailing a sinking boat.  i’ve been on it for over a month now, and it’s pretty clear that it isn’t even coming close to fixing the problem, whatever it is.  hm.

today: is my day off!  i have about a million things that would be good for me to do today, but nothing that’s urgent.  get a few things from the store, go to the gym, do laundry, go to falletti’s and see if they really do have raw milk, get my prescription refilled.  k, i’ll get going.



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  1. Lynn Yarbrough said, on September 1, 2009 at 1:36 am


    I neglected to ask about your elbow when we talked on Saturday, so sorry that you are still dealing with that, and I will pray that surgery will not be necessary. Love your new apt. so very cute, with great personality. Congratulations on your promotion, of course I knew they would soon see the quality of my very special daughter in law !! I had such a great time visiting with your mom before I left town. She is wonderful, and I hope her school is going well. Love you lots, Lynn

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