[full of it]

no joke.

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on October 2, 2009

i don’t think i can say what i’d like to without sounding profane and probably trite.  first, let’s put it out there that i do have a bit of a sailor mouth and have no intention or desire to change that, but i do know when it is and is not appropriate to drop an f-bomb.  i’m not entirely sure who in my life might read this, so i tone it down.  let’s also put it out there that i take my use of all caps very seriously.  you will not ever receive a text from me along the lines of “WOW IT WAS SO GREAT TO SEE YOU LAST NIGHT!” because if i got that text, i would think you were yelling in my face.  i like to sprinkle my caps, here and there, for both aesthetic and emphatic purposes.  given these two things, please understand that what i have to say about the david bazan show last night is quite serious.  maybe i am yelling in your face:



i want to go on, but i think you get the point.


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