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shake your lazies out

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on October 10, 2009

i go to work and that’s it.  most everyone feels this way, i believe.  i’m pretty sure this way is better than the other way, which was boredom and isolation.  maybe it would be a little better if i had a regular schedule, or if i ever, without specifically requesting it, got two days off in a row.  i had last weekend off by request and this weekend off by fluke and i feel like doing absolutely nothing.  couch sitting, bath taking, scarf knitting, (blog writing).

in other news, our six weeks of summer here is coming to an end and the rain is about to begin.  relatedly, our heater doesn’t work.

i’m becoming a huge fan of manicures now that i know they’re only $12.  hello, pretty fingers.

i just bought a new pair of jeans (my first big denim purchase since working at anthro), and now am sort of regretting it because i want this dress.  i need one really good go-to fancy dress for the now-and-then fancy thing i do.  also i tried it on and it looks amazing, especially because the sleeves stay on the top of the shoulder and don’t do that drape-y thing they do on the form.  also it’s jersey.

i’ve got the wants lately.  trying to keep them in check and not spend away every single paycheck.  for example, yesterday i really wanted to spend fifty bucks on a puzzle. i believe i’d misplaced my mind.

i s’pose i should help my husband do laundry.  then i’m pretty sure i’m going to eat some leftover potato/garlic/pesto pizza.  indeed, i did say potato.  DELICIOUS.


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