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la cucaracha elbow

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on October 27, 2009

not dead! survived surgery!  the ortho said it wasn’t as bad in there as he’d expected, although i suspect at least some of that has to do with the cortisone shot i got last month.  after surgery the percocet knocked me out (seriously — i slept for 24 hours).  by the way, the percocet prescription he gave me was for NINETY pills.  NINETY.  nine-zero.  dang.

today’s the first day i’m feeling a really big improvement.  i can use my arm quite a bit, but am still going to wear the sling to work so people know not to, you know, grab me by the elbow.  i have four little incisions above my elbow, only five stitches total.  still really swollen.  looks something like this:

Photo on 2009-10-26 at 12.53

is that too gross?  sorry. it’s actually from yesterday and looks a bit better.  the stitches look like little cockroach antennas, like bugs are peeking their little heads out of my arm.  that’s probably more gross than the picture.

more later!  work time!


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