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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on December 18, 2009

the fact that christmas is a week away is completely lost on me.  i’m not much in the spirit this year.  i think working retail is scrooge-ing me.  that pun might be intended.

oh, wow.  john and i just stopped everything we were doing to listen to a screaming argument that our upstairs neighbor is having with his mother.  still going on.  apparently she thinks he’s been ordering her around, and he thinks that’s “bullshit.”  wow, he really feels strongly about this.  she’s also crazy and a liar.  he’s going to lose his voice going on like this.

i’m on an additional RA med now.  my knee started swelling up on sunday, and even though it doesn’t really hurt my rheumatologist wanted to add something now rather than wait for the one i’m currently on to start working.  the plaquenil that i’ve been on takes a few months to really kick in; it’s been one month and i haven’t felt any difference.  the new drug is called imuran.  it didn’t make me puke which is exciting.  i’m extremely ready to start feeling the effects.  i want to be a very, very old woman before i have trouble walking.

today i work 330 to midnight.  worst. shift. ever.  john is working from home though, so at least we get to see (if not talk) to each other a little bit.  i think i’m going to go get my bangs cut before work.  i let them grow out a lot and now they’re doing a swoopy thing, but i don’t think i’m into it.  i want my bang bangs back.

rambles.  i hate when i ramble.  must think of something interesting to say.

nope, sorry.  later gators.


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