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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on January 12, 2010

one of my favorite things used to be to read the lyrics in the album insert before listening to any of the songs. it’s been so long since i bought a physical cd i’d forgotten.

yesterday i spoke some french to a woman in the store who spoke absolutely zero english. lots of french people come in, but they always speak better english than i do french. our conversation consisted of me explaining that since the 4 was too small i would get her a 6 and not a 5 because a 5 doesn’t exist. then i told her my name and to ask for me if she needed anything. there were probably four complete thoughts spoken on each side, and it’s the most i’ve said since i graduated.

today i bought this:

and i can’t tell you exactly why.

you know, at some point i’m going to be able to boil eggs without first looking up how. i’ll also go to the grocery store and buy more than breakfast food. today i bought: eggs, bacon, yogurt, apples, oranges, bananas, and lettuce. one of these is not like the others. i also got a cup of coffee from tully’s and had them use my travel mug (by “my” i mean john’s), which evidently held peppermint tea last, so now i’m drinking peppermint coffee. better than earl grey? bergamot flavored. mmm.

just now i took a little break to make some breakfast (at 2:45), and when i reached up to pull the cord on the fan to turn it off, the light fixture came crashing down. i dove out of the way in slow motion, sustaining a minor pinky cut, which may have occurred as i was cleaning up the glass. backstory: we changed the light bulb a few nights ago (by “we” i mean john) and as he was screwing the fixture back in we heard a crunch. we didn’t see any cracks in the glass, so we left it, hoping it wouldn’t crash down in the middle of the night. it did us one better.

i would really love for my meds to start working. yesterday i added a new thing on the list of things that are near impossible to do: cutting the fingernails on my right hand, because my left thumb hurts. as of right now the list is: pulling up tights (this might be the most random (can something have a degree of randomness?)), putting the phone to my right shoulder, sleeping on my right side (although this has gotten much better since the surgery), kneeling (except in one very specific position, with my right leg all the way bent and my left sort of out in front of me), squatting, and sitting with my left leg folded under me (which, i didn’t realize until recently, is how i usually get into bed). getting up from sitting on the floor is also a task, since i can’t put any weight on my left arm and not much on my right.

i’m through being negative about it for a while. that’s a very short list.

i think this next year is going to be one for the books. i have a pretty good feeling about it.


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