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sad season

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 4, 2010

i’ve been tired.  now that the holidays are over work is monotonous and boring.  i start counting the hours before i even clock in.  it could also be because my hours have been cut a bit and i’m getting used to being home more than there.  everyone else seems to be feeling the same way, gloomy.  could be post-holiday doldrums, could be the rain.

i just read an article about how everyone needs ten minutes of quality sun time a day to make sure they’re getting enough vitamin d.  and when the sun peeks out ten minutes in a week?  it brings you down.  seasonal affective disorder?  i don’t think i’m depressed.  just heavy.  in need of ten minutes of quality sun time.  twenty minutes maybe.

no, a whole day.  one good day.

we’re going to aliso viejo tomorrow to visit claire, who has been in beijing for three weeks.  my dad and maybe another sibling or two is meeting us there.  oh what good news, you get to see you sister AND get some sun! you might think.  it is southern california, after all, laguna beach and all that.  no sir, 80% chance of rain on saturday.  IT FOLLOWS ME EVERYWHERE.

there are two apartment complexes in pacifica that are about to fall eighty feet into the ocean.  thought you should know.

went to the rheumatologist today.  still no improvement from the meds, so he’s increasing my imuran from 50mg to 100.  he told me when he first prescribed it that he’d probably want to do that after a month or so, that 100 is a more effective dose but he wanted to make sure i’d tolerate it.  every time i go in he mentions the “biologics” (enbrel, remicade, the ones you see commercials about) as an option but doesn’t want to go there quite yet.  so far i’m getting by without pain meds, without prednisone.  i take tylenol a couple times a week when my knee is bad, but that’s it.  i’ve been very tempted to ask for prednisone a couple of times.  i know it could help a lot, but i’m not ready to have another prescription.  two is plenty.  something about seeing the bottles.  i also know it won’t do anything to fix the disease itself, it would just be symptom control.

i’m starting to relax.  i don’t know what’s changed, but i’ve stopped worrying every day about what joint is next.  i get the feeling that i already have what i’m going to have to deal with for a while.

well.  i should get something done, i guess.  going to the doctor doesn’t really count as productivity, and i’m putting off the store until after the weekend, so…laundry?  or i could watch modern family on hulu.  decisions.

p.s. i can’t wait until shutter island comes out.


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  1. Anne said, on February 9, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    boo for gray, dark winter! we are getting a little sick of it around here too, we’ve had a surprisingly cold (for texas) winter… its definitely time for some sun. i think you guys should move back (to austin preferably) and we’ll start a hip sewing/knitting/baby/paper shop. miss you and hope you guys had fun in L.A.!

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