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soka university of AMERICAAAAA

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 9, 2010

john and i just got back from a little weekend in southern california.  my dad wanted to visit claire and asked us if we wanted to meet them there — duh.  we dropped tippy off with one of john’s coworkers and jumped on a plane friday night.

i was under the impression that when you step off the plan in the orange county airport you are greeted by a camera crew and your reality tv adventures begin.  much to my chagrin, this was not the case.

we got there too late to really do anything friday night.  dad and claire picked us up and we went back to the hotel.  **let’s talk about the hotel for a moment.  it’s a sports club/hotel.  it smells like a pool right when you walk in, i felt a little nostalgia for the WAC.  the hotel staff all wear black track suits.  this made for lots of jokes, wondering whether they would make us take the stairs after we bought a muffin at the cafe, if we would have to present them with our calorie count at the end of the day.  the fire alarm at 4am we’re pretty sure was just a rouse to make us walk down 5 flights of stairs.

on saturday we (dad, christine, cara, john and me) picked claire up and drove to north hollywood (studio city, technically, i believe) to visit my great aunt and uncle, and my second cousin, none of whom i’d ever met.  bob is my dad’s dad’s brother, younger by 15 (more? 18?) years.  i didn’t even know he existed until a few years ago.  he and my grandpa were obviously not close, and it sounds like moved to california and never looked back.  i’ve heard that the family considered him sort of a black sheep, and you can see why within minutes of entering their house.  grandpa and his mother, salt of the earth, but you know.  uptight?  conservative, very conservative.  good simple folk.  wouldn’t fit in in california, not even in the conservative parts.  the funny thing is, they’re both collectors.  grandma bobbie and grandpa’s house is full of antiques — dolls, furniture, books, santas.  i mean FULL.  sort of a clustercuss of things they couldn’t or wouldn’t sell in their shop.  bob and harriet’s house has a style, full of stuff they’ve collected over the years.  sort of carnival-y, maybe a little creepy, but in a fascinating way.  a female mannequin wearing a santa suit, a GIGANTIC painting of six nude cowgirls, an old pinball machine, some kind of stiff plastic jacket on the wall in the bathroom.  each thing had a purpose, though.  you could tell everything was purchased with a specific home in mind for it.  everyone, but i think claire and i especially, were extremely impressed by their stuff.  i wanted all of it.  really, i want them to go to flea markets and furnish my house for me.  besides them having amazing things, they were the sweetest folks.  they took us to an italian restaurant (they split their time between their house here and their house in italy, so it was fitting), and afterwards harriet drove us by the acting school claire wants to go to this summer, and by an apartment complex she suggested for her.  you know how sometime relatives tell you to come visit when you’re in town and you think yeah yeah yeah that’ll never happen?  i would totally go visit them.

after lunch we drove to venice beach and walked around in the freezing wind.  we were expecting rain, but it was actually pretty clear.  we somehow managed to park a mile away from the actual shops, so we had a nice little walk there and back.  we stopped in a hat shop, dad and claire got some REAL cute ones (no – claire’s was cute, dad’s was…dashing…handsome…i get in trouble for calling boy things cute).  the beach itself was really dead because of the weather and there were no booths or anything.  it was still really really pretty.

after our walk we went to james beach bar and grill — the one where they eat fish tacos in “i love you, man.”  you wouldn’t guess it from the movie, but it’s actually kind of swanky!  we were maybe a little underdressed, and when we walked in they were like, “oh…you don’t have a reservation?  hold on,” even though the restaurant was EMPTY.  we were told we had to be outta there by 8.  i’d never been given a time limit at a restaurant before.  fortunately we made it with four minutes to spare.  the fish tacos were, indeed, delicious.

sunday morning claire showed us around her campus, which was GORGEOUS.  it’s really new and shiny looking, and it’s set up on a big hill so there are BEAUTIFUL views everywhere you look.  not a bad place to spend four years.

i have pictures, i just don’t have a camera cord.  soon, though, as soon as i get one — pictures, i promise.

now we’re back in the real world.  i’m taking five days off in march for my mom and claire to visit and i’m STOKED.  i don’t use the word stoked…ever…so that should tell you how hella excited i am.  ha, hella.  I’M IN SAN FRANCISCO IT’S COOL SHUT UP.


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