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day of looooove

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 14, 2010

yeah, it’s a hallmark holiday, we should do nice things for each other everyday, blahblahblah whatever.  who  doesn’t need an excuse to have a fancy dinner?  who doesn’t like getting flowers?  v-day haters, that’s who.  you know who you are.  embrace the candy hearts, is what i say.  bring on the heart shaped desserts and talking teddy bears.  i’ll take a dozen roses any day, february 14th is no exception.  everyone gets caught up in the day to day, and everyone could use a reminder to be sweet.  anniversaries are great, but once a year isn’t quite enough.  don’t pretend it doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies.

yesterday my dad sent me roses, it was very sweet.  some companies type the note, but this one was hand-written and i giggled quite a bit that “happy valentine’s day! love, dad” was written in very feminine script.

tonight we got dolled up, went to bob’s steakhouse and ate until we could barely move.  we took a cab so we could have a few drinks.  we’ve both been on a greyhound kick lately.  i ate enough to last me the next two or three days probably.  man, i love a good steakhouse.  when we were living in texas we’d get to go pretty often because my dad is really into kirby’s, but i think this is the first time we’ve been to a chophouse out here.  nope, take it back, we actually went to this same place in the fall when my dad and co. came to visit.  john got me a really pretty necklace.  seriously, how can you not like valentine’s day?  fools, all of you.

while we’re talking love, let me take this moment to say i love you to, you know, you.

later gators.


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