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mini vacay

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 18, 2010

two days off in a row, suckers!!!  sad that what i consider a mini vacation is what most folks call a weekend.  i just had an on-call today that they didn’t take, so i had another day of leisure to enjoy.

yesterday was absolutely beautiful and i was bound and determined to get some sun on me.  i went down to dolores park around noon and sat on the grass and read.  it was perfect — sunny and warm, but not hot, the sun wasn’t strong enough to worry about getting burned but it still felt good.  i failed to bring a blanket, which turned out to be a mistake.  i had to sit on my jacket and it ended up a little wet but it was worth it.  from there i walked to a spa where i had an appointment for a facial.  i was feeling a little self-indulgent last week and decided it would be a fun thing to do.  my skin has never been great, but lately it’s been extra oily and i’ve been getting all these little bumps on my forehead and chin.  then with rosacea on top of that — it’s just not good.  i wasn’t expecting too much from the treatment, i was kind of thinking it would just be a fun relaxing thing, but DANG.  i think they use some kind of voodoo or something.  all of the little bumps are gone, and while the rosacea is still definitely there, it looks MUCHMUCH better.  you used to still be able to see it through my makeup, and now i can at least cover it up.  i ended up buying a couple of the products he used to keep the redness in check.  i think john’s brain might have exploded a little bit when i told him how much it all cost.  oh that’s a lie, he laughed.  i can’t even pretend he was mad.  why does he have to be so awesome all the time?  every once in a while he should give me something to get up in arms about, just for a change of pace.

today i had planned to do all of our laundry, probably four loads, but we only had enough quarters for one and the five blocks to wells fargo seemed like too much of a trek.  so i picked out the essentials and made the one load count. i’d been assigned to make some posters for work, sort of like inspiration boards, and i was finally able to get those done.  if i have any sort of creative talent, it does not lie in making posters, but i think they’ll pass.

going back to the rheumatologist tomorrow.  i was feeling good over the weekend, but these last couple of days it’s like my wrist has locked up.  i can hardly bend it back without being in a lot of pain.  it’s odd how different the pain is in each joint.  my knee is really swollen and gets stiff, but more days than not it doesn’t necessarily hurt.  my elbow was really achey, pretty painful but in a dull, radiating way.  my wrist, when it’s bad, almost feels broken.  it’s really sharp, if i bump it the wrong way i’ll tear up.  it’s the worst by a mile.  i’m going in tomorrow to see if i can get a cortisone shot or something.  i’ve been really resistant to any oral steroids, but i’m open to anything after these last few days.

all the drama in austin right now is blowing my mind.  i read the guy’s “manifesto” on smoking gun, and it’s really unsettling.  he’s not just lucid, he’s smart.  i hear people saying he snapped, but i don’t know if that’s the right word.  he didn’t lose his mind (although one could certainly argue he’d have to be crazy to do what he did), he had well thought out reasons for acting the way he did.  or don’t all people who do something like this?  even more unsettling.

now i need husband to get home because i’m HONGRY.


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