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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 19, 2010

what a day.  the rheumatologist prescribed humira, which i’ll be starting next week.  we talked quite a bit about whether this was the right thing to do, and i think it is.  for the time being i’ll take it along with the other two drugs i’ve been taking (and the prednisone course that he prescribed today), then when the humira starts working i’ll drop off the other meds.  it comes in a little injectable pen that i’ll give myself every other week.  there’s paperwork that needs to be processed before i start it, and we have to clear it with my insurance because it’s really expensive (sans insurance it’s about $2,000 a month).  i had to apply for a reimbursement program that will pay for an additional $500 on top of what my insurance will pay.  don’t know yet how much it will actually cost.  but it’s supposed to work well and work fast, so once i get over the idea of injecting myself i think i’ll be fine.  the only big risk with taking it is infection, so i had to get a tb test today.  i had a choice between the self-injectable drug and one that’s given once a month via IV at the doctor’s office, but i think i’d rather inject myself with a tiny needle than have an IV put in every month.  i think the fact that the other drugs haven’t worked or are working very little bumped me up from the “mild” to the “moderate to severe” category, which would make the tnf-blockers appropriate.

when did i stop listening to robert earl keen?  had i lost my mind?

anyway.  that’s the haps.  happs?  shouldn’t it be happs?


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