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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on February 25, 2010

remember when i said humira came in a little injectable pen?  turns out it comes in a gargantuan injectable pen.

the doctor had to get prior authorization from the insurance company before he could actually prescribe it, but had told me to come in this week and i’d start out on one of his samples and he’d show me how to use it.  i got there, and it turns out that my insurance had denied the request (shocker) because they’d rather me be on methotrexate, which is cheaper, but is not an option for me because i want to have babies relatively soon.  my doctor ranted a little bit about how horrible this particular insurance company is, but assured me that he’d appeal and it would get approved (even though he wouldn’t be giving them any new information at all in the appeal (and by the way i got a call today that it was approved)).  you have to refrigerate the medicine, but are supposed to let it sit out for 20-30 minutes before injecting it so it doesn’t hurt so bad.  i didn’t want to wait around that long, so we decided to just do it cold (it had been sitting out about ten minutes, it wasn’t straight out of the fridge).  i grabbed a chunk of skin on my belly, put the pen to it and pressed the cap.  man, i was completely unprepared for the sensation.  for one, it injected way faster than i was expecting and it caught me off guard.  it felt really thick…i don’t know how to explain how i thought it was thick, but i got the feeling that it was more of a gel than a liquid.  the weirdest thing was that i could feel, between my two fingers, the “gel” filling out the space i’d pinched.  effing weird, man.  next time i’m definitely doing it in my thigh where there’s more to grab.

i only worked today from 7-12, and now i’m being a bum.  a nap is most certainly in my future.  when i got in this morning i noticed that kat was looking awfully cute, and then i noticed that liz was wearing a dress, and then that sara was all dolled up…turns out there was a district walk through at our store today of which i was completely unaware.  i guess i was supposed to have gotten a call, but never did.  my thought process when i got dressed this morning was that i would be as casual and comfortable as i could get away with because 1) i would only be on the floor and interacting with customers for two hours and it seemed like a waste to wear something nice, and 2) i was real fancy for my last two shifts and i get a little tired of dresses.  so while everyone else was wearing dresses and heels and lipstick, i was wearing black jeans, a navy and white striped t-shirt, and an old, pilling cable knit cardigan.  oops.  i thought that maybe i’d stay out of the way while they were there, but the whole thing took about two hours and i couldn’t exactly hide for that long.  no one actually said anything to me about it, so i guess it was fine.

and now for an afternoon full of lazies.


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  1. Judi K said, on February 28, 2010 at 9:10 am

    You look amazing in whatever you wear! Sorry about the shots…you’re very brave!

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