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couch day

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on April 14, 2010


is killing me slowly.

i’m just so tired. for forty hours a week i’m walking, going up and down stairs, hauling clothes (denim and dresses get real heavy real fast), and handling crazy people. most everyone is very nice, grateful, pleasant. but every now and then someone makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs. or better, theirs. for example, every so often we get “the customer who won’t leave.” it’s 8:30, we’ve been closed for half an hour, they keep saying “i’ll be quick! i’ll be quick!” and then at the register they ASK TO USE THE PHONE and talk to their son for ten minutes about where to eat dinner. or there is the homeless woman, dragging around her plastic bag of plastic bottles, taking a french bath in our lounge section with about eight different perfumes. you all stress me out.

then there’s the fact that i could be working at almost any hour of any day — i’m available every single day from 7am-11pm. so one day i’ll work 130-10, then the next day 11-8, then the next day 7-4. let’s break that down. on day one i get to sleep in a bit, lounge around, then go in. i come home and go straight to bed. 11 isn’t that early, but i didn’t get home until close to 11 the night before, so i’m going to sleep in as much as possible, meaning i’m going to get up and go straight to work. i get home close to 9, so i get maybe an hour or two before going to bed. the next morning i have to be up at the ass crack of dawn, so even though i get home at 4, i almost immediately crash on the couch because i’m so exhausted. i feel like i live at the store. my days off are spent recovering, not being productive or doing fun things. i never, literally never, get two days off in a row. i’m tired.

i got promoted. so. that’s good. i’m now an operations MIT. well, as of the 16th. i get benefits, paid vacation days. i’ll have full-time status even though i’ve been working full-time since september. do i not sound excited? i am, i was very ready for it.

do you know what i want SO BAD? fajita nachos from taco cabana. if someone could figure out a way to ship me some of that i would greatly appreciate it. i actually spend a good deal of time thinking about it. i’ve found one queso recipe that was alright, but not the best. i found another one that i want to try out soon. it starts with a roux, so i’d need to substitute something for the wheat flour. i wonder if rice flour would work…or corn starch? no idea.

i think it’s finally time for me to peel myself off the couch and shower. and then probably return to the couch.


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