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maybe she was lonely

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on May 1, 2010

here is an actual phone conversation i had with a customer the other day:

me: anthropologie san francisco, this is susie.
cust: oh hi, i have a quick question for you.
me: ok.
(we joke about this next part a lot — the inevitable completely unnecessary background story. i don’t need to know how much you love the sweater and how bummed you are that it has a hole and how you bought it for your sister’s birthday party and how you found a similar one at forever 21 to tell you what our return policy is.)
cust: well, i recently had a baby, and i need some new clothes. i made a deal with my husband that after i lost some weight i would go to anthropologie and buy a bunch of new stuff.
me: ok.
cust: i wondered for a while whether i should take the baby with me or not, because she’s still really tiny and i didn’t want to bring her downtown with all the germs and stuff. but i’m also not ready to leave her with anyone, and i’m nursing and i don’t want to give her a bottle, so i think i decided that i’ll take her with me.
me: ok.
cust: so what i’m wondering is, do you have an elevator?
me: yes, we have an elevator.
cust: does it stop on all the floors?
me: yes, it stops on all the floors.
cust: well, i mean, i’ll have a stroller with me…how easy is it to get around with a stroller?
me: you know, it can get a little tight in the sale section, but we have plenty of strollers stroll through without any issues. i think you’ll be fine.
cust: ok, and how about in the elevator? strollers fit in the elevator okay?
me: um, yes, strollers fit fine in the elevator.
cust: because mine is pretty big. it’s like one of those big carseat system things.
me: i’m sure it will fit just fine.
cust: ok. ok.
me: anything else i can help you with?
cust: not right now. i’ll call if i have any more questions.

i need a new job.


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  1. anne said, on May 1, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    this is hilarious… i was just waiting for the part when she asked you if there would be someone available to hold the baby while she tried stuff on in the dressing room. at the same time i thought it was a little cute, crazy neurotic new mom, but a little cute. i hope she doesn’t come to shop when you’re working. love you! AB

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