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15 weeks, 5 days

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on June 10, 2010

i think i almost, at the right angle and in the right light, have a little belly going on. over the last couple of days the girls at work have been squealing, “oooh look at your little beeeeelllyyyy!” clothed, i think it still looks like i had a gigantic burrito for lunch. bare, it’s started to get obvious.  all but one pair of pants still button, albeit with a little muffin-top action.  the one pair happened to be my absolute favorites, and i mourned their loss until rachel austin sent me a bellaband.  i just leave them totally unbuttoned and slide the band over it, so it keeps them up and just looks like the bottom of a tank top.

let’s see.  people keep asking how much weight i’ve gained, and i don’t really know.  i had about a five pound range that was normal for me before, and when i was puking all the time i lost about two pounds off the low end of it, and now i’m usually up in the high-normal range.  so maybe five pounds or so, but i still haven’t gotten out of my pre-pregnancy range.

good news! i feel like a human being again! no more nausea (well, except for plane/car sickness. or if i go longer than two hours without eating), and i finally have some energy back. now that i can eat real food again, i can start focusing on nutrition. there are about a billion different guidelines that a pregnant woman can use, but the one i hear recommended the most and that makes most sense to me is the brewer diet. i also like the book real food for mother and baby, and they’re really not that dissimilar.  i like the brewer diet because it seems more evidence based, but they’re both about eating foods for a specific purpose, and not just supersizing because you’re “eating for two.”

the brewer diet talks a lot about maintaining blood volume so that you don’t wind up with blood pressure and swelling issues.  i think that has become a big worry, and unfortunately, a big reality, for lots and lots of pregnant women.  you establish and maintain your blood volume with ridiculous amounts of protein, and plenty of salt and calories.  the checklist they provide is looooooong.  everyday, you’re supposed to eat:  4 servings of dairy, 2 eggs, 6-8 protein servings, 2 dark green vegetables, 5 whole grains, 2 vitamin C foods, 3 fats/oils, and 1 vitamin A food.  the thing that makes it hard to accomplish is that there’s no double checking.  your glass of milk can count as a dairy or a protein, but not both.  what all of that amounts to is 80-100 grams of protein and about 2,600 calories.  you literally have to be eating all the time.  you should have a high protein snack every single hour, including each time you wake up at night.

the good thing is that portion sizes probably aren’t as big as you think they are.  1 oz of meat is one protein serving, so is 1/4 cup of peanut butter or 3 sardines.  they also list a bunch of non-meat combinations that give you complete proteins, like  beans + rice, beans + corn, beans + seeds, potato + cheese.  anyway, i’ve been doing my best at it for about a week, and i still haven’t managed to check every single box.  i can get to 6 protein servings, but not 8, and i definitely don’t get that many grains.  i’m not going to kill myself over it, if i miss a few boxes, i miss a few boxes.  it definitely makes you think about everything you’re eating, though.  if it doesn’t count for anything, why should i eat it?  passing around oreos at the closing meeting?  no thanks, ladies.  bowl of m&m’s in the break room?  nah.  not that i have a huge sweet tooth anyway, but you get what i’m saying.

that’s all the update i have for you.  target time!


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