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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on June 14, 2010

i considered setting up a second blog to be devoted entirely to, you know, this whole baby thing, and about five seconds later decided not to.  some people are great bloggers.  they come up with themes, every entry has a purpose – i’m not a great blogger.  i never have a plan.  or if i do, it very quickly strays from it.  i feel like this would be a great time to set up something real, where i can talk about my personal experiences along with general philosophical ramblings about pregnancy and childbirth – lord knows i have enough to say about it.  try to talk me into it, maybe it’ll happen.

for now, a few unconnected thoughts about things that are happening.

my back hurts.  like, really hurts.  here’s what i think happened — last fall when i slipped on the stairs and possibly broke my tailbone, i may have also done something else.  i’ve never had back problems before (well, it would get really achey when i was doing gymnastics, but i don’t think that counts), but not long after the fall i would start getting pretty annoying pains at the end of a workday.  not all the time, just now and then.  since getting a little bit of a belly, the ache is pretty much constant, but it’s pretty mild as long as i’m not working.  at the end of a hard workday, it’s nearing unbearable.  the pain isn’t in the middle of my back, not on my spine, but more in my hips/pelvis…just on either side of my spine way down low.  if it’s really bad, bending from the hip is not a possibility — it will literally make me lose my breath.  the obvious solution there would be for me to kneel or squat to get down low, but even though my joints feel pretty good, i still can’t bend my knee all the way.

work is definitely the culprit.  i think it would still hurt even if i weren’t working, but it wouldn’t be so extreme.  my days off are so much better than my workdays.  we’re working on fixing that whole situation, so hopefully we’ll find a solution that everyone is happy with.  then maybe a chiropractor?

moving on to thoughts on gestation periods.  nine months does not equal forty weeks.  so when i tell people that i’m 16 weeks and they say, “wow, four months already!” i have to say, “no, not quite.”  and then to tell them that the forty weeks began at the start of my last period, and for the first two weeks that i was pregnant i actually wasn’t….look out.  head explosion.  then i pick bits of brain out of my hair.  who came up with this system?

now belly measurements.  the guideline that is used for uterine growth is 1cm per week.  so when you’re 25 weeks, the distance from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus is 25 centimeters.  does it blow anyone else’s mind that your uterus grows by units of measure that we already use??  it’s not a centimeter every ten days, there’s no special unit.  “one belly-meter per week.”  IT BLOWS MY MIND TO PIECES.  AND, on top of THAT, at 20 weeks, exactly halfway through, the top of your uterus is AT YOUR BELLYBUTTON.  unbelievable.

i ordered one of those gigantic body pillows made for pregnant women.  it’s actually not as huge as most of them, it just has a little piece that cradles under your back and then there’s a long piece that goes between your legs.  i’m thinking it might help my back a little, but more importantly it’s supposed to keep you from rolling on your back.  i wake up on my back every single morning.  pre-belly, i would always fall asleep on my stomach and wake up on my back.  my belly isn’t huge or anything, and if i really can’t get to sleep i can still roll on my stomach, i just shove my arms down under my hips to prop myself up a bit.

and my boobs are getting huge.

that is all.


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  1. Rachel Austin said, on June 30, 2010 at 9:49 am

    I want some more pregnancy photos. UPDATES! UPDATES!

    Dale has prevented me from buying every single items of cuteness I come across having anything to do with a baby because I have become a compulsive shopper for you. Your kid is going to be so spoiled by moi.

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