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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on June 30, 2010

eighteen weeks!  almost nineteen weeks!  that means almost twenty weeks!  that means halfway!

here’s what i look like these days (you get to see belly AND new haircut…don’t get too overwhelmed):

not much different from two weeks ago, but i definitely look pregnant now.  i think once the belly starts extending beyond the boobs it becomes fairly obvious.  two strangers have commented on my belly, and the other day i got a seat on a super crowded bus after work.  when i’m at work i think it looks a bit more exaggerated, because i usually put a belt over my belly.  my lovely mother bought me some amazing maternity clothes while she was here, including a pair of jbrand maternity jeans that are still a bit big in the waist, but won’t be for very long i imagine.  this is my last pair of comfortable non-maternity pants…it’s cotton dresses from here on out.

speaking of mom’s visit, it had its ups and downs.  we had a great couple of days hanging out, and then she got SUPER sick with some kind of stomach flu.  body fluids everywhere.  it started in the middle of saturday night, and by monday night john and i thought it must have been food poisoning because we were fine.  as we were going to bed, out of nowhere john said, “i think i’m going to throw up,” which he promptly did.  and continued to do so (among other things…you know what i’m talking about.  the dreaded “D”)  all night long.  at this point i was pretty sure that pregnancy had given me superpowers and i would escape it completely.  not quite.  i started throwing up around 4am, but my intestinal flora must be phenomenal (thank you probiotics and gross amounts of greek yogurt!), because i had nary a drop of diarrhea.  lots and lots of gut rumblings and cramping, but the poo stayed put.  the puking lasted until early afternoon, but the nausea stayed and i’m pretty sure i had a fever most of the day.  the sickness hit mom the worst by far – she was out of commission for three or four days and had to reschedule her tuesday flight home to saturday.  i definitely got the mildest sickness, but it took me for-effing-ever to feel back to 100%.

by thursday i felt well enough to walk around the mall with mom for a bit, looking for any kind of maternity store.  hey guess what!  they don’t exist.  no pea in the pod, no motherhood, no maternity section in macy’s, bloomingdales, or nordstrom.  WTF, san francisco?  do people not get pregnant here?  well, we found out they do, but only in laurel heights.  this little neighborhood is CRAMMED with baby and mommy shops.  the next day we headed up there, and within four blocks we found a natural baby boutique, a baby furniture store, a couple baby gear stores, and one fantastic maternity clothing store called Mom’s the Word.  it’s like a tiny little anthro for mamas.  that, of course, means it’s way out of my price range for real shopping, but my mom is the jam and got me some things.

i’m very excited to say that my back no longer hurts like it had been.  turns out all i needed to do was force myself to sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs.  i’m such a back sleeper, it’s really hard to make myself side sleep, but it helps so much.  a long day at work will still make it really sore, but what are you gonna do.  i think it would still help to see a chiropractor, and juli recommended one to me, i just have to make myself schedule it.

we have a midwife appointment on friday, this one with juli.  john and i talked a bit yesterday about whether or not to get the “big” 20-week anatomy ultrasound, and we decided against it.  this ultrasound is the one where they would take a good long look at all of the organs and make sure everything is measuring and functioning like it should.  i feel like it would just offer peace of mind that neither of us need.

i feel like i should back up and explain how i feel about testing in general.  in the broadest sense, i feel like all of the blood work and sonograms and amnios and genetic screenings perpetuate the (false) notion that pregnant women are sick.  that’s absolutely not to say that they aren’t valuable, of course they are.  i just feel that rather than putting every otherwise perfectly healthy woman with no risk factors through gamut of routing testing, we should look at each one individually and evaluate whether it’s appropriate for her.  on a more practical level, a lot of those tests are just screenings, and just call for more tests if it shows an abnormal result, often ending with “oh it’s nothing to worry about,” which accomplishes nothing except stressing the crap out of mom and dad.  take this anecdote:  i read recently about a woman who, at her 20-week ultrasound, was told her baby had a three-chambered heart and a cyst on its brain, which was indicative of some kind of trisomy, and meant that the baby would need lots of care and probably wouldn’t survive into adulthood.  they sent her to a high-risk doctor for a more detailed ultrasound, and three weeks later at that appointment they found that nothing was wrong.  four-chambered heart, no cyst, baby perfectly healthy.  ultrasounds are not as detailed as we’d like to imagine them.  my heart breaks for that family – i’m so happy the baby is healthy, but can you imagine going even three weeks thinking that your baby has a potentially fatal defect?

anyway, for me, since i am 25, healthy, and neither my husband nor i has any history of genetic defects whatsoever in our families (unless you count some great uncle of mine who was born without sweat glands…), and i’m super conscious about nutrition and exercise, i feel very confident that i’m growing a healthy baby in there.  i would be more concerned that the ultrasound would create something to worry about…”oh, there’s some fluid around the kidneys.  could be nothing.  we’ll look again in a few weeks, don’t worry about it.”  uh, of course i’d worry about it.  don’t they talk about that in House all the time?  do a full body scan on anyone and you’re bound to find something wrong.  i opted to get baseline bloodwork because it’s so minimally invasive, i’m opting out of CVS and amnio, will probably opt out of the glucose tolerance test because i think it’s sort of silly and i already eat a diabetic-friendly diet, am on the fence about group b strep testing but leaning towards it, will opt out of more ultrasounds, and will opt out of probably everything given routinely to baby at birth (eye ointment, vitamin k (might give oral doses), hep b vaccine).  of course, if anything comes up that should indicate a problem, i’ll obviously have whatever testing is appropriate.   i’m not anti-testing or anti-intervention, i’m anti blind and routing testing and intervention.

well, i haven’t eaten in about an hour and a half, so i’m starving.  lunch #2!


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  1. Rachel Austin said, on July 8, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    Your tummy is too cute.

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