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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on July 15, 2010

getting biiigggerrr….

today is a day of nothing after a very long, very tiring five-day stretch at work.  this weekend is family extravaganza: dad, christine, cara, adam, and claire are all coming in for a couple days.  and i believe i can officially say that we’ll be in houston august 6-15.  at least, i have those days off, so hopefully we’ll be there.

i think we found a doula!  we’re meeting another one tonight, but the first woman we met with was absolutely fantastic.  she’s also a massage therapist, so an in-home massage is included in her package.  hard to beat that!  she actually works with the woman we’re meeting tonight and they back each other up, so it’s good that we’re meeting both since we could end up with her in case francine gets sick or something.

for those of you who may be wondering, a doula is a labor support person.  they have practical training, but not medical training.  while the midwives will be taking vitals and be responsible for mom and baby wellbeing, the doula will be providing encouragement, suggesting positions, using massage and counter pressure techniques.  the doula also comes to the house much earlier than the midwives and determines when to call them in.  you want the midwives to be fresh and rested and alert, so the doula will call the midwives when labor is beginning and say, “rest up, we’re probably going to need you by the end of the day.”  in a hospital their role is a bit different, they are aware of the family’s birth plan and are an advocate for them.  they sometimes run interference with the doctors or nurses, manage the environment.  they’re still doing all of the massage and counter pressure and positioning stuff, there’s just other stuff on their plate as well.  i very highly recommend a doula for anyone, no matter how you plan to give birth.  they’re invaluable.

i should get the place picked up before our appointment.  in-home appointments mean lots more cleaning that normal.


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  1. AMB said, on July 16, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Can you feel the itty bit moving yet??!! P.s. So excited to see you guys in august!! Love you

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