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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on July 22, 2010

baby is coming in handy already 🙂

i finally went to a chiropractor today!  i think i mentioned having lots of back pain.  it eased up a lot when i changed how i was sleeping (apparently back sleeping when you’re pregnant isn’t a good thing…who knew…), but would still flare up after a long work day.  i LOVED the chiro, she was really great.  i don’t get adjusted regularly or anything, in fact, i think i was in high school the last time i saw one, but i totally value what they do.  for the average person, whose insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic, it just isn’t realistic to get regular adjustments.  so, not that i needed to be sold on the idea, but i kind of drank the chiro kool aid while i was there.  all it really took was her taking out this little pelvis model and showing me what it looks like when it’s out of whack.  no room for babes!  anyway, she guessed that i knocked my pelvis out of whack when i fell down the stairs last fall, and now i’m really starting to feel it.

so she adjusted me, and turns out that my sacrum was tilted to the left, and my entire pelvis was torqued a little bit — the left side was pitched forward and the right side was tilted back.  all of the shifting puts strain on your SI joints, which normally don’t move much, so there you go.  back pain.  i can’t say i instantly felt immediately better, because i really only am uncomfortable after work, so i’ll tell you tomorrow whether i feel any better.  plus it’s going to take several adjustments to get me back in alignment.

oh, i got my first taste of round ligament pain.  those would be the ligaments that attach your uterus to your pelvis, and they can get very angry.  i’ve always heard it described as stabbing pain, and that’s dead on.  i was curled up on the couch kind of at an angle, and i sneezed — it was like someone shanked me.  thirty seconds later it was all gone, but i’ve learned my lesson.  no more twisted sneezes.

john is out of town for the weekend 😦  it’s not even the end of day one and i already don’t know what to do with myself.  for once i’m kind of grateful to be working all weekend.  COMEBACKNOWPLEASE.

speaking of work, we’ve settled on a better arrangement for the next few months.  starting in september, i’ll go down to part time (20 hours a week), but stay in my current position.  so i’ll do part time september and october, then most likely be done.  that makes it seem SO SOON.  three more months of working, one more of getting ready for lil babes, that’s it.

ugh, i’m watching that awful bethenny getting married show, the one where she has the baby.  remind me to only listen to or watch positive birth experiences from now on.  talk about unnecesarean.


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