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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on August 19, 2010

eh, close enough to say 26 weeks.

baby things: had a midwife appointment on monday, went well.  next visit is apparently where we start to get down to business – they start checking baby’s position (even though it will still be too early to be concerned if it isn’t head down), and i’ll have my glucose screening.  rather than having me drink the glucola nastiness, they just use a glucometer and prick my finger an hour after i’ve eaten a regular meal.  juli said that for me, the only reason she recommends even that is because it makes a good number to put in my chart, just to say we did it.

also, here’s what i look like today:

wow, my upstairs neighbors are being unusually obnoxious today.  are they bowling?  rearranging furniture?  also, when we got home there was something resembling lint, lots of it, all over our lobby and stairs, along with some small bits of trash, like cigarette butts.  who knows who it was, but i’m pinning it on our friend upstairs because he’s loud and i don’t like him.  there was also a smashed smirnoff bottle in our parking area.  definitely him.

other news: houston was the best.  rather, seeing family was the best, and houston was a sweltering death trap.  we ate tons of good food (tons…i’m not disclosing the amount of weight i gained during those ten days), got to play with our lil niece and nephew.  i’m bummed to be back here, back at work.  sigh.  but my mom is coming in next week and will be here for a few days, conveniently right when john will be out of town.  after that i’ll have showers to look forward to, then GASP actually getting ready to have a baby.



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