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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on September 1, 2010

I desperately want to chop off all of my hair.  All of it.  G’bye.  It looks sad.  I just don’t think I was born to have long hair.  Even though it’s been super short before, I’m nervous about actually doing it.  So, in true girl form, I’m taking opinions from literally everyone I know before I make an actual decision.

Here’s what I look like today (okok, this is not a fair representation, because my bangs are back, I haven’t washed it today, and I pulled it out of a ponytail to take this picture. I’m also not wearing makeup and have spent the last few hours sweating and cleaning the apartment.  Normally I look marginally cuter.):

And here’s what I want:

I might also have a small crush on Carey Mulligan.  I’m even really into the color of the first picture, but unless I’m doing it myself at home I don’t think I’ll be messing around with it quite yet.  I’ve come to terms with my early grays.

So: yes, no?  Should I wait until after the grand postpartum shed takes place?  Just the thought of being able to not blow dry or wash everyday makes me swoon with delight.  It makes me not care too much how it looks, as long as it’s easier than what I have to do now.

In other news, I’d like to give an out of character EFF YOU to Texas for giving my dog fleas.  THANKS FOR MAKING OUR LIVES MISERABLE.


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  1. Rachel Austin said, on September 7, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Your poor pup. I love the color and cut of the first picture. I think it would look really cute on you. Also, with your glasses, you would be one sassy lady. Do it! Although I understand being a little chicken about cutting your hair, as you can see from my hair which has been long for the last 3 years.

    When are you due? Abra was here this weekend and asked, and I started confusing you and Bethany. Are you due in October? Miss you chica. Dale and I are thinking that in February we may make a trip to see your little family, if you can handle having guests (because I’m sure by that time everyone and their dog will have visited you to see your bundle of joy). But I’m going crazy not seeing your pregnant so a trip to see your new addition is a must. Miss you. Love you. Say hi to John for me. Also, I think this is the longest comment in history. 🙂

  2. meg said, on September 8, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I think you should go for it with the hair. I have to say, and I’ve heard this from other girls as well, putting a pair of clippers to my head and removing so much of my hair that I found moles on my scalp I had never seen before was one of the more amazingly self-illuminating experiences of my life. Not that I’m expecting you to shave your head, but just to remind you of the sense of freedom that taking all that hair away will give you. You have a decently shaped skull if I remember correctly, and you have dainty facial features that will be well-complemented by a pixie cut. You know that I am a huge fan of this haircut, but I’ve never seen it on you and I think it would be pretty awesome. Plus you’re not going to have a whole lot of time to spend on your hair when you have a tiny creature living in your house that cries and goos all over everything all the time in various ways.

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