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oh my.

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on March 31, 2011

i hang my head in shame.  i’m embarrassingly neglectful.  so neglectful, in fact, that i will have to update you via bullet point.  oh, for shame, susie, for shame.

  • felix is four months old.  four months!!  he’s so big.  ok ok, he’s actually a pretty average four month old.  he was born big, and for a bit stayed on the big side of growth charts, but he’s starting to even out.  milestone-wise, he’s mostly ahead of the game (i swore i wouldn’t be a braggy mom.  IMPOSSIBLE.)  he started babbling a little bit ago (SOCUTE), last week he started rolling, a couple weeks ago he started grabbing at things and trying REAL hard to put them in his mouth, sometimes with success.  his first grab was an iphone – how appropriate.  little technophile.  my favorite is when he gets so uncontrollably excited – his whole little faces scrunches up with glee and he pulls himself into a little ball, then explodes and kicks furiously.
  • still about felix, but i thought it was time for a bullet.  sleep.  ugh.  he’s much easier to put down to nap, usually i can just lay next to him and close my eyes and he follows suit.  nighttime, however.  we get a decent stretch at first, 3-4 hours, but then he tends to cluster feed.  fortunately i can latch him on and fall back to sleep.  (in high-pitched mocking-you voice) “ooh, my three week old baby sleeps for seven hours”  first, LIAR.  second, FUCK YOURSELF, WILL YOU.
  • the day has come – breast pads are out of my life.  i HATE them.  i hate maintenance.  brushing teeth, washing face.  what time suckers.  getting dressed is bad enough, and breast pads added an extra step.  but, finally, if i’m wearing a bra that’s tight enough (and i tend to go for spandex sports-type nursing bras), i don’t leak.  hurray!
  • oh hey, we’re in austin!  i’ll spare you the comedy of errors that was our move-in process – what matters is that we made it in one piece.  our place is still a mess, but hey.  what can you do?  oh, i guess i could clean it.  whatever.
  • i have a million-dollar idea.
  • my family is the best.
  • we bought a new car.  a barely used acura rdx.  it’s pretty awesome.
  • i have recently acquired a taste for fried eggs.  what is wrong with me??!

i have loads of pictures and little videos of felix being cute.  later today.



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  1. Rachel Austin said, on April 2, 2011 at 10:08 am

    YAY for updates! Yay for Felix! and for Austin! Let’s talk soon lady! Miss you so much. So glad you are closer to family and don’t have to wear breast pads anymore. 🙂

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