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a lonely week in babytown

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on April 18, 2011

husbands get the shaft, don’t they?

there is a lot of chatter from moms about being under-appreciated.  “stay at home mom.”  as if we stay at home.  as if we sit on the couch eating bon-bons.  we get no breaks.  we get no sleep.  we eat last, we don’t sit down.  and it’s true.  we are on-call (and mostly on) 24/7.


man, husbands got it bad too!  well, mine does, anyway.  he works hard.  he’s up by 6:30, usually earlier because the baby typically wakes around 5 to eat and john doesn’t go back to sleep.  if he’s home before 7 it’s like christmas.  it’s very tempting to get mad about it.  get home earlier!  work from home!  quit your stupid job and we’ll live off the land!  and i probably would if i thought he enjoyed it.  it’s just as hard on him to be gone as it is on me.  he doesn’t get breaks either.  he walks in and i throw a baby at him so i can take a shower.  and he gets the delightful stress of being the money-maker.  no one fires me if i don’t do the laundry.

so – an appreciative shout-out to my hard workin’ man.

for the next month or so he’s a traveling man.  he left this morning for seattle, won’t be back until thursday.  work trips are lonely times.  i’m used to getting through the day on my own, but come dinner time i’m a heartachey mess.  i’m putting off my errand running until the evening in hopes of distracting myself until bedtime.  last night i went through the “do you have to go?” thing, naming off all of the things that john usually does that i have to do now.  who’s going to take out the trash?  who’s going to pick up dog poop?  who’s going to hold the baby while i shower?  who’s going to do dinner dishes?  who’s going to tie my shoes?  (-“no one, you wear flats.”)  i was being slightly dramatic.  i considered driving to houston, but the little man still hates the car seat and we’re going this weekend for easter anyway.  i’ll survive.  somehow.

*faints in dramatic fashion*

i have recently become obsessed with the idea of having yard chickens and a goat.  one day.  i will make this happen.


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