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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on May 3, 2011

i know how hard you’ve been missing a real update on my tiny man.

he’s, like, a PERSON now!  he DOES things!  he has likes, dislikes, tendencies, preferences.

among the cuter:
-he looooves smooshing blankets into his face.  better than any toy, give him a lovie and let him bury his tiny face in it.  watch the glee unfold.
-when he nurses to sleep, as he’s nodding off, he’ll stick his thumb in the corner of his mouth while still nursing.  i DIE every single time, it’s the cutest.
-he sucks on both thumbs at once.  again, death from cuteness.
-when he’s fighting sleep, sometimes i try to give him the pacifier and he freaks out in anger.  but then if i just hold it out in front of him, he’ll grab it and put it in his mouth himself.  LET ME DO IT MOM.
-i’m convinced he’ll never sit up independently because he HATESHATESHATES it.  must be standing.  always standing.
– he still hates the car seat, but usually will just fuss with boredom rather than the full-on distressed crying that breaks my heart.  it’s a bit better now that he can look out the window.

other things…he’s five months now, and i’m having to face the reality that eventually he’s going to want solid food.  i plan on doing the baby led weaning thing.  it makes the most sense to me.  he’s probably ready for food when he’s able to feed himself; that is: sitting up independently, interested in my food, has a good pincher grasp.  he’s not sitting up, and though he is grabbing at stuff and shoving it in his mouth, it’s exploratory.  i don’t anticipate offering anything for at least another month, maybe more depending on when he seems ready.

honestly, i don’t get the rush to start cereal at 4 months (or cereal at all), or spoon feeding in general.  just…why?  our (dumb) pediatrician said, “he has to get used to eating from a spoon.”  because…?  i’m sure that eventually he’ll want to mimic us eating with utensils, and until then, why bother?  just seems like more work.  and if they’re doing it themselves we can all eat at the same time!  family togetherness.

i have some pictures on my phone to share, but the little monster just woke up.  soon!  we’re off to take a walk in this delightfully unseasonal weather.


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