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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on June 6, 2011

We know by now that I’m pretty open to alternative hygiene methods.  Up until recently I’ve been practicing no ‘poo and OCM, and looking for a better/alternative way to wash my body.  It seems like the same theory should hold for your all over body that no ‘poo applies to your hair and OCM to your face skin.  That is, too-strong washing with modern products strips you of your natural protecting oils, requiring artificial replenishment (lotion, hair conditioner), and also causing overcompensation with excess oil production, causing more necessary washing, causing a too-dry, too-greasy cycle.

Besides that – not to get all crazy with the toxin talk, but really.  It almost makes me ill to look at the ingredient list on grooming products.  What is that crap?  What is it for?  Why?  Even the more natural stuff, or the stuff labeled as more natural.  There’s so much silliness in there.  And every other week there’s something else about phthalates, BPA, parabens, surfactants.  Too much, I say.

So like I said, I’d been using baking soda on my hair and oils on my face, and wondering what I could be using as a general body wash besides Dr Bronners, which still manages to dry my skin out.


Grandma’s soap.

The kind your (great) grandmother used to make.  Fight Club soap.  Lard, lye, water.  End of ingredient list.

It’s phenomenal.  It takes some getting used to – without surfactants, it doesn’t “suds up” like the soap you’re used to, and without scents or perfumes it smells…well, it just has a smell.  And I’ll be honest, not a super great one.  But it won’t linger on you, promise.

My super, insanely dry skin now only needs a little dab of lotion on the particularly dry spots.  The mystery rough patches on my upper arms that I’ve had for years and years are smooth.  It doesn’t run down super fast like other bar soaps.  At the rate I’ve been using mine, I expect this one bar to last two months at the least.

It’s what Felix gets bathed in now (well, on the rare occasion that I feel he’s dirty/sweaty enough to need actual soap and not just a water rinse).  I love it so much that I use it on my face and hair.

No more no ‘poo, no more OCM.  This soap is so much more convenient, and works better.  It takes a minute to get it worked through my hair – like I said, very few suds.  It gets it very squeaky clean and it ends up tangly, but that is very easily remedied with an apple cider vinegar rinse.  Since it isn’t robbing you of your oils, I only wash it about every four or five days, just wetting it in the shower in between.  I feel like I can actually go longer than when I was using baking soda.  For my face, I just rub it on a washcloth.  My skin ends up feeling crazy clean, but not dry or tight.  Removes makeup like a dream.

And while we’re at it, I’ve found a natural deodorant that ACTUALLY WORKS!  Nope, not a joke.  I’ve used them all.  Jason’s, Kiss My Face, Tom’s.  None work.  The scented ones are even worse – oh great, now I smell like lavender AND sweat.  Awesome.

My step-mom got it for me.  Life Stinks.  It’s really just baking soda.  I’ve heard of people using straight baking soda under their arms with moderate success – it seems to be that the texture is too rough and gets uncomfortable, but controls stink very well.  This stuff is processed somehow so that it is super, super fine.  No more stink, not even with the upper 90’s summer sitting on us like a sumo wrestler in a sauna.  Um, yes, it’s expensive.  But the canister says it’s a 6 month supply and I believe it, plus the travel thing (you do need the travel thing – the canister doesn’t have a lid that closes).  I sprinkle it in my hands and pat my armpits, but Christine says she’s been using a makeup brush.

Look, just do it.  Your skin will thank you.



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