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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on July 17, 2011

The lightbulb just turned on.

More on this primal stuff, but as it pertains to me and RA.  I think I first heard about wheat and gluten relating to autoimmune diseases from a blogger who had celiac disease.  Then my chiropractor, on my first visit when we were going through my history, said, “You know you shouldn’t be eating wheat, right?”  Right.  When I asked my rheumatologist if there might be any dietary changes I could make that would help, he shrugged and said, “Nah, not really,” and wrote me a prescription (and another, and another).

My understanding of exactly why gluten would be “bad” for people with RA has been vague.  It does something bad to your intestines, it screws with your immune system.  I’ve settled for “we just weren’t meant to have it.”  Seems reasonable enough.  There’s also a fair amount of information out there specifically about gluten and celiac, but not so much about grains and other autoimmune diseases.

I heard things about phytic acid, an anti-nutrient in grains.  The reason that sprouted bread is “better” for you is that sprouting, fermenting, and soaking helps neutralize some of the phytic acid.

Then the same blogger got deeper and deeper into this primal thing, realizing that eliminating other grains in addition to the glutenous ones made her feel even better, and rid her of the mysterious joint pain she’d been having.  Then she cut out nightshades and what remained of her diary intake.


Here’s why.  LECTINS.

My summary: They’re in everything.  Plants use them as a defense mechanism – “eat a ton of me and I’ll make you feel like crap so you don’t do it again.”  There are tons of different kinds of lectins.  They are sticky little proteins that are hard to break down; digestive enzymes don’t do the job.

They really love to stick to your small intestines, which can potentially cause, among other nasty things, leaky gut.  It’s what it sounds like.  Crap (literally!) can leak out.  Eep!  Leaked out lectins are then free to bind to…anything.  Foreign matter bound to otherwise healthy tissue, immune system attacks otherwise healthy tissue.  click.

This page mentions that there’s a particular link between RA and wheat – which might explain why my “twinges” and sloshy knee have gone away since faithfully cutting out wheat, but with still quite a bit of cheating with other grains.

Lectins are particularly concentrated in grains, legumes, nuts, nightshades, and dairy.

I’m reading through this stuff going between “holy shit this makes so much sense, finally some semblance of an answer,” and putting my fingers in my ears and closing my eyes.  Yeah, here’s a potential answer.  And a very heavy reason for me to not eat those things anymore.  Sad emoticon.  But I like milk in my coffee, I like salsa and eggplant.  I love peppers!

I have some adjusting to do.



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