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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on July 23, 2011

I’m doing the Whole30 starting in August.  Or two Whole30s, really.  August and September.  Whole60?

I’m curious.  I keep hearing/reading that most of us don’t even know that we feel bad.  Or that we accept little things as inevitable, like fatigue, minor stomach or digestive problems, skin issues.  I decided last week that August and September would be “no cheat” months, to get a really good baseline of gut health so I can really tell how these little corn and rice and honey cheats affect me…then I found this Whole30 thing, and it’s convinced me to add dairy to my no-cheat list.  I’m giving it two months instead of one just because of my medical history, I might have more going on in the way of systemic inflammation than the average person.  And 30 days just doesn’t seem like that long.  I feel like with 30 days, I’ll be counting down the days until I can eat chips and queso again, but with 60 I’ll probably be more likely to really adopt it as a permanent thing.

So there – starting Aug 1, no grains, legumes, sugar, dairy, alcohol, processed food, or (eep!) white potatoes.

It probably won’t be quite the transition for me as for most people.  I already don’t do stuff like bread, pasta, or much boxed/processed food.  Also, if you’re wondering, John isn’t doing this with me, but since I do the shopping and dinner cooking, he doesn’t have much of a choice at home.  Although, if the first 30 days go really well I will probably nudge him towards doing the second 30 with me.

This morning I had some old, familiar joint pain.  Maybe from last night’s alcohol?  Or corn tortillas?  The cheese inside the tacos?  See, I cheat a lot.  The pain was fleeting, I feel fine now – but that’s the kind of stuff I’d like to see go away entirely.  And this mysterious rash on my upper arms that I’ve had for years.  You can only see it when I step out of the shower, but I get bright red splotches all over.  Someone told me it’s a common fungal infection, someone else told me mild eczema.  Who knows.  But if diet makes it go away, who cares!

I might encounter an additional challenge, although the transition won’t be too hard: my inability to do any intermittent fasting.  That is the usual paleo response to “What if I can’t find anything to eat?”  — Don’t eat!  But as a nursing mother, I just can’t.  I don’t think it would be harmful, I’m just too hungry!  Maybe once I’m off grains and I’m no longer having insulin spikes I won’t feel terrible without a meal.  After all, I’m sure Mrs Grock did her fair share of IF.

I’ll try to post here more often, with meal plans and progress and all that.  Eee, wish me luck!

BTW – I know the site says start today, don’t put it off, but I’ve had a sick kid, my cabinets and fridge are very sad, and I want time to place a http://www.grasslandbeef.com order so I can have stuff like unprocessed jerky to snack on, and pemmican if I need a no-cook lunch one day.



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