[full of it]

Day 1 pt 3

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on July 26, 2011

Ok, I swear I won’t be writing three separate entries each day.

I promised myself I would stay honest in how I feel throughout this whole business.  Meaning, I’m not going to proclaim after one day that I feel JUST SO AMAZING, and I’m also not going to ignore or not tell you about when I feel bad.  It irks me to no end when folks doing ridiculous lemon-juice-and-cayenne cleansing fasts are like, “OMG I’ve never felt better.”  I always think of that Office episode where everyone is trying to lose weight, and Kelly looks horrific and says, “But I just ordered some size 2 bikinis.  I look amazing…”

That said, almost immediately after writing that last entry, I started feeling like shit.  Exhausted, foggy.  Considering how little I’d eaten, it’s not a shocker.  So I ate some smoked salmon, some blueberries.  Helped a little, not completely.  Then we ate dinner, and after that I finally started feeling good.  Even after adding that food into my little tracker, I still came out with fewer calories than I’d expected, so today I’ll make more of an effort to eat an actual lunch.  Oh, and I had a massive breakfast.  Already off to a better start.


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