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Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on July 28, 2011

I’m writing this on my iPad from the Extended Stay America hotel. (side note- my text isn’t showing up in this browser, so I can’t be held responsible for typos)
Why am I in a hotel? There is a massive bee hive in our wall, and bees were getting inside at e rate of 20 per day.
Our property manager is beyond incompetent. She has had more than enough time to get rid of the bees. On Monday a guy came out, but just to look and give an estimate. Gloria said she would need approval because it’s going to be expensive to remove all the comb. By the way, we had this same problem when we moved in, but they didn’t remove the hive and the bees just found another entry point.
I can’t even go into specifics on things she’s dropped the ball on…there are too many. But let’s fast forward to today…
The bee population exploded. I killed 20 bees by 10am, which is normally when they’re pretty dormant. Prime bee-smashing time isn’t until the afternoon. Soi had a Samuel L moment, cocked my gun and decided I was done. Done smashing bees, done giving the benefit of doubt, done worrying about the baby getting stung.
I packed a bag and left multiple messages with Gloria to tell her the unit was no longer habitable, and I was extending the courtesy of getting a hotel approved before I checked in. She was very obviously avoiding me. Her assistant told me she was “running errands.” WI left the house and headed to the mall to kill time in a bee-free zone while I waited to hear from her. Her assistant called about 20 minutes after I left to tell me the bee guy should be there. I told him it didn’t really matter; I was still checking into a hotel.
Went back to the unit. The bee guy and some man named mark were there. Mark introduced himself as the new manager. Er…what? He was there to distribute letters about the switch. Whatever. Mark seemed nice enough, but he’s never managed residential properties and obviously had no authority. Bee guy said the hive was extensive – in the wall, under the house. I told mark my plan was to go to a hotel, he said, “well, that’s what I would do.” Helpful, thanks.
Not knowing our chances of getting reimbursed, I picked the cheapest extended stay hotel nearby. There is one next door and another across the street that are obviously way nicer, and I was so close to turning into a different one. As I was checking in John called to say they are going to pay for it. Oh well.
It’s at least two days of work they say, so that means two nights here. Oh, and right now tippy is at the house, John is getting her after work.
I have a feeling it’s going to be a bigger job than they think. If the hive is that big, it must have been there a long time, and I don’t know, but it seems like those things could do some structural damage. We are very seriously considering breaking our lease…if moving weren’t such a pain the ass it would be done already.
Well. This will present more challenges to the whole 60. For lunch I went through a burger place and just ate the insides and sweet potato fries. I threw a bunch of snacks in a bag but left them in the fridge. I’m hungry. There’s a bag of fritos on the counter staring at me. If I start dying before the baby wakes up I might cheat. For dinner I’ll probably pick up Rudy’s…although without eating sugar (coleslaw), white potatoes (potato salad), or beans…or corn…I don’t think there are any sides I can eat. Bummer.
Anyway. I mist be spending a good deal of time in ketosis, because my waist is noticeably smaller. I bought some size 2 $9 shorts at the gap – too big. Like, way too big. Yesterday I made an effort to bump up the calories and felt much better. I might be addicted to almond butter.
Sigh. Baby, wake up. Ion hungry.


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