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One Week Down

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on August 1, 2011

The bees are gone!  phew.  We only had to stay one night in the hotel.  By the evening of the second day we were able to go back inside the house.  Now I guess I should wash the bee guts off the windows…

I managed to only cheat a tiny bit during our little adventure.  I got some potato salad from Rudy’s so I wasn’t eating only meat for dinner (though – the paleo folks would tell you it’s better to eat only meat for a meal than to eat white potatoes.  Sorry dudes.)  Besides the potatoes, I’m sure the mayo was not primal, in that I’m sure it was made from vegetable oil.  I only had about three forkfuls that night, and another couple the next day.

Then the weekend was a challenge in eating out.  On Saturday we were back at the apartment, but we didn’t really have enough food to constitute a meal.  Plus, it had been a crazy couple of days, and it was just one of those times when the mere act of opening a cupboard is too much to handle.  So, out we went.  There’s an Elevation Burger nearby – grass-fed beef, and for us bread-haters they’ll wrap it up in lettuce instead of a bun.  I wish I could combine Terra Burger and Elevation.  Terra Burger serves organic, but not grass-fed beef.  They have a gluten-free bun, but no lettuce option (though they might do it if I asked…).  BUT they have avocado and bacon as topping options, and sweet potato fries.  Elevation has better meat, but no avocado or bacon (seriously, guys?), and only white potato fries.  C’est la vie, I suppose.

Saturday night we had dinner at Z Tejas with John’s parents and aunt and uncle.  I skimmed the menu beforehand so I could be prepared.  There were tons of options that only needed one or two modifications (like no cheese on a salad, or a different dressing), and also a little “healthy” menu that had grilled salmon and vegetables.  That’s what I went for.  Salads are lovely, but I need more meat than the typical skimpy offering on top of greens.  There was butter involved, so it wasn’t perfect, but hey.  It was delicious, and very nearly paleo.

Then Sunday we had takeout from Cheesecake Factory.  This time I did get a salad, and while it was delicious, was seriously calorie and protein deficient.  I kept dipping into the almond butter all afternoon (guys – I need to cool it on the nuts.  I went through a jar in a week.) and didn’t really feel sated until I ate dinner (ten shrimp in coconut oil with garlic, zucchini also dripping in coconut oil).

I believe that The Suck I was experiencing some of last week was a bit of the low-carb flu.  Kind of a crappy transition period where your body is (re)learning to use fat as its main fuel rather than glucose.  I had a few dizzy spells, some fatigue.  Eating more salt helped significantly.  I had this sort of feeling a lot when I was pregnant, and figured out it was that I needed more salt, maybe had a touch of adrenal fatigue.  My thought process, and I’m speculating here, is that I’ve been eating TONS more vegetables than I usually do, and therefore am getting more potassium than usual, and without processed foods I’m getting less salt, leaving me unbalanced.  Solution: pour sea salt into palm and lick it off.

I’ve had to get used to eating fat – lots of fat.  So much fat.  Fat all day.  When I do that, I feel amazing.  Today I feel wonderful.  Breakfast was leftover steak and (not leftover) eggs, then I had some watermelon, some carrots dipped in coconut butter, a cup of homemade bone broth.

With some vague calculations based on some guidelines from MDA (very vague, given that I don’t have a scale and I’m compensating for breastfeeding by calling myself “very active”) – I should have roughly 2,300 calories a day.  Let’s go on the high end of my protein recommendation and say I should get 90g a day.  Let’s go crazy and say 100g.  Then I’ll give myself a very generous carb allowance of 120g.  That’s well out of ketosis range, and actually sort of hard to attain without grains, even with lots of fruit.  So that gives me 400 calories in protein, and 480 calories from carbohydrate.  That’s only 880 calories.  That means, to get to 2,300 calories in a day, I need 1,420 calories worth of fat.  That’s 157g!

In reality, I feel like I’m satisfied by eating less in all categories.  I probably don’t hit 2,000 calories most days.  But I do believe that half of my calories come from fat.  Don’t be scared, that’s good.  Eating fat won’t make you fat.  It won’t clog your arteries, either.

As far as cravings, I don’t really have any.  Other than almond butter (which I should take down a notch – too many omega-6 fats and not enough 3s).  At the grocery store I walked through the bakery just fine, down the snack aisle fine.  I feel like at this point, I’ve read so much about how (and more importantly, why specifically) grains and sugar are no good, that they’ve lost all appeal.  I sort of miss butter, like last night when I was eating my shrimp, but in a few more weeks I can reintroduce that.

Well, my motherly intuition is telling me that this nap is about to end, which means I should go find myself a snack so I can be prepared for the ever-increasing demands of parenting.


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