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Week 2

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on August 5, 2011

A quick update before the beast wakes up –

Still feeling great with the food stuff.  I had some major, unintentional weight loss that first week, but since then I’ve put a little back on and am looking not so scary anymore.  I’m not nearly as hungry, so I’ll take that to mean that my body has figured out how to use dietary fat as fuel.  I’m making an effort to stay out of ketosis, but we’ve eaten all of our fruit and it’s too dang hot to even consider stepping out of the front door.  So it might be a meat and veggie only day.

My skin is looking a lot smoother these last few days.  I rarely break out anymore, but I’d always had little micro-bumps on my cheeks, and they’ve gone away.  A welcome side effect!

Felix seems to be sleeping better at night.  I don’t expect any progress to be permanent, but it’s nice right now.  I think he only nursed once between 9pm and 4am.  But as usual, starting around 5am he gets restless and flails around in a state of half-sleep.  I’ll take what I can get though!

Speaking of Felix – I keep thinking I should talk about what he eats, especially since one of the LLL moms the other day couldn’t figure out what he’s going to eat when he’s 2 if we aren’t giving him grains.  But the answer is really short – he eats what I eat.  Not everything, obviously, but if I’m usually eating something that can be made baby-friendly.  He eats my egg yolks in the morning, he gets bits of fruit, bits of cooked vegetables, bits of meat and fish.  I can’t say definitively that he “likes” or “dislikes” any particular food…he makes a disgusted face at everything he puts in his mouth, then keeps going back for more.  He’s eaten chicken, beef, salmon (smoked and fresh), zucchini, avocado, banana, blueberries (bitten in half by me), nectarine, mango, spinach (mixed in with scrambled eggs), squash, sweet potatoes, applesauce.  He almost never gets purees.  The few times I’ve offered them he hasn’t eaten much, and I think it’s because he can’t play with it.  He eats much more if I put little bits in front of him and he feeds himself.

If you’re wondering, on tonight’s menu is baked chicken thighs, pureed garlic cauliflower (subbing some broth for the butter), and spicy sweet potato fries (no recipe, I just season them with Tony’s and cayenne and bake them).



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