[full of it]


Reading; writing; French; pregnancy/childbirth/babies; Texas; music; Texas music; walking; singing; driving; singing while driving; loving! (“don’t you just love love?”); dresses; playing; laughing; yoga(ing?); eating; coffee; produce; family!; the bigger the better; hometowns; home teams; e.e. cummings; harmony!; thinking about figuring it out; not worrying about figuring it all out; optimism as a result of conserving energy (i.e. the light will be red for the same amount of time whether you fret about it or not.  So, not.); fighting the good fight; rising up with fists; proving it; unabashed trains of thought; strings of nonsense: thus, Dave Eggers.

I do not like: foods dressed up as other foods: taco pizza, cheeseburger macaroni, etc; anything that could be described as bulbous; indifference; and worry for the sake of worry. 


Not necessarily in that order.


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