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Update and Food Diary

Posted in Uncategorized by susieyarbs on August 29, 2011

Ok, so, the first 30 days of Whole60 are over.  I haven’t done a true Whole30.  I came pretty dang close, but not totally.

I did it completely without grains or legumes, but I had a drink or two and dairy a handful of times.  But it did its job – I went from dipping my toes in the paleo waters to diving in.  Grains and legumes are out for good.  I know that dairy does make me bloated – any amount of milk causes problems, but butter for cooking and a small amount of cheese seems okay.  I know that I can’t eat cashews or macadamia nuts without some unspeakable consequences, but almonds are fine even in ridiculous amounts (like half a jar of almond butter).  Nightshades, which are a common autoimmune trigger, have a couple of times made me feel stiff.  Actually, the only time that has happened was the morning after eating fajitas, so whether it was the bell peppers or the chili powder, I’m not sure.  Salsa seems okay, I don’t eat tomatoes otherwise and I eat eggplant so rarely that there’s nothing to cut there.

I’ve definitely gotten into more of a groove with cooking and meal prep.  We cook incredibly simply.  Like, two ingredients kind of simple.  But somehow, even though we repeat the same handful of super simple meals, it has yet to get boring.  Actually, I feel like I enjoy food and eating more.  I’m having more fun cooking, doing things like making my own beef jerky (which, by the way, is amazing and could win some kind of jerky award), my own mayo, branching out and trying new things like lamb sausage, sardines.

And now for a little voyeuristic treat, here is a little food diary excerpt:

2 egg omelet with 3 pc bacon and 1/2 avocado
smoothie – coconut milk (~1/3 can), handful frozen raspberries, 1/4 banana
2 pc beef jerky
bunless burger w 1/2 avocado
almond butter with a few bittersweet chocolate chips

2 eggs w leftover broccoli and 1/4 avocado, 3 pc bacon
almond butter w chocolate chips
taco salad – grass fed ground beef with my own taco seasoning (most packets have a filler/thickener like rice or potato flour), salsa, 1/4 avocado
smoothie (no banana this time)
more almond butter
shrimp (6 large), green beans and mushrooms cooked in ghee

breakfast sausage and egg scramble
coffee w cream
smoothie (no banana)
3 small cookies (John wanted them, I obliged since he had to spend Sunday afternoon at the office)
salad w salmon, garlic and herb dressing (not my own)
2 sausage links (a Whole Foods brand, sugar is listed in the ingredients but whatever)

A few notes – I’m trying to get away from eating eggs everyday.  They can be an autoimmune trigger and it’s a pretty common food sensitivity.  I don’t seem to be affected, but it might be something that I do a 30 day elimination with down the line.  For now, I’d just like to get into more of a 2-3x per week habit rather than a daily one.  This morning I made a sort of hash with diced mushrooms and zucchini and Pederson’s breakfast sausage.  Also – those cookies are seriously like crack.  I read recently in The Paleo Solution that carbohydrates bind to your opiate receptors in your brain, and at the time I rolled my eyes because I really do try to keep grounded in all of this and keep some degree of skepticism.  Plus I really just hate outlandish claims and immediately dismiss them.  I hate this book’s cover because it has all of those “Change your life in 30 days!” things printed all over it.  Barf.  Anyway, yeah, now after having those cookies around – I totally buy it.  I eat one thinking it’s my last, and immediately reach for another.  So I package them up and put them in the cabinet.  And five minutes later I pull them down, thinking as I’m eating it that I shouldn’t be eating it.  Then I eat another one, and then five are gone and it’s like, shit!  How did that even happen?  Oh, and they are grain-free paleo-esque cheat cookies.  Still sweetened (with honey and maple syrup), and thus heavily addictive.

So anyway.  Whole30 (as whole as I could make it) complete, in that I’m committed in a lifestyle rather than experimental basis.  John is on board as well, full-time instead of just at home.  I’ll see if I can bribe him into writing about it here soon.

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